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I created this web site to promote myself and my three biggest passions:




In 2007 I decided to change my life completely and it opened not just the whole world without boarders, but also a new life style. Once you become a traveler, nothing ever returns to normal. You live on the road, reducing the weight of the things you don't necessarily need. You discover magic of NOW and your values change totally. All of that happened to me, but I also discovered how important it is  to have  a base or even two. Primarily my home is Dahab, Egypt, but I am trying to divide my time between here and other exotic destinations.

Being a diving instructor and photographer means you always carry more bags than other travellers.  I know that many of my friends just shake their heads when they see me with so much luggage, but I wouldn't enjoy my adventures without an option to capture them. So i will always carry on with all of my luggage!

I have lived ten years mainly in the Middle East and Asia. Over this time I started realising my absolute passion for photography. I met some people who shared their photo experience and knowledge with me and thanks to them, I slowly collected a huge portfolio of photos on my own. I reached the point when I started selling them and slowly built my living on it. I saw Facebook, and other social networks had become my platform to present my photos. I was, and still am, very surprised and pleased from people's reactions. I received more and more emails asking me to teach people photography, how to improve their passion for photography or travel here and there. I am even getting questions like "What camera should I get?", "How to set up my camera properly?" or "How do I make my pictures look better?". I am still a beginner, so I still do not feel comfortable enough to be a mentor, but I can share all I know and love, as it was also the way I learned. 


So this website shows not only my work, but also give people a summary about my services and ideas.


If you want to come and dive with me, learn something about photography, improve your diving or photography skills; just let me know. I can arrange everything from a pick up from the airport, accommodation, programme, trips, diving, courses, boat trips, liveaboards, excursions and other services... also big travel trips to some of the wonderful places I have visited.

Or just come, and dive with me where I am right now, you can always find me on Facebook, and you can follow me. Together we can see how endless the possibilities are.


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