Advanced UWP workshop

Advanced Underwater Photography Workshop works for those photographer, who have experience already, and / or who just purchased a new gear or need to get better images. Also, often I help with buying the kit itself, regarding on the wishes of the client, his financial possibilities and his future career.

In advanced workshop I don't teach a buoyancy or basic rules of photography. I expect that "already" a photographer knows how to shoot and act in the water. Workshop usually starts with some maintenance practice, how to service and take a good care of camera and all parts of the kit, what additional tools or gear would be good to get in the future and how to pack the case for a flight etc.

First dive we both take camera to the water. Depends on the briefing, the client is shooting usually a wide angle with or without strobes and I observe his behaviour and taking some pictures of hi shooting, for better demonstration and later debriefing to see eventual mistakes, faults or misbehaving  which could create damage of the image (bottom irritation, touching corals, being too close to the bottom or too far from the object etc.)

After the first dive we usually have better idea of the next program of our workshop. Wide angle shooting mostly comes before a macro shoots and some special techniques, if requested. In the afternoon I introduce some editing with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Next days, depends on length of our workshop, we systematically work not just on better images (good strobe position, lighting, position of a diver, ...) and editing, but we also try to develop the own style of each photographer. We discuss what pictures of the day to pick and develop and why. 


Last day we create the gallery of the best images, speak about rating and work together on summary of the workshop.  Any special request or topic could be added to the Advanced Workshop, if I know the answer.

Success for me is a happy client, who leaves with better confidence about himself and his underwater kit, deeper knowledge about wide angle and macro photography, better feeling of himself and  some basic information about maintenance. If - on the top - the client feels that he knows which way to go and where to see himself in underwater photography in coming years, I call that work together "successful".


Starts from
250 euro
per day


Ross was a diving instructor already, and also experienced underwater photographer. We worked a bit on the distance from shooting object and shooting from down to up.

Silhouettes were new for Ross, and I think also a bit challenging. We worked on them several times, till Ross got a right angle, right natural lighting and was able to stay in one spot when shooting.

Silhouette of Ross

Advanced Underwater Photography 8 days workshop with Ross Neill from UK.
Ross just purchased his first mirrorless camera and full wide angle and macro set up. It was challenging for me as well, because of it was a first time to come close to mirrorless camera. We did well and Ross left as a happy customer! 

Ross trying to get proper strobe lighting on the octopus and amphoras. It was the first day of our workshop, so work with strobes was still new.  

Final gallery of Ross's pictures after 8 days workshop. He did a great job not just with shooting and lighting, but also editing.