Bali & Nusa Penida (magical island in modern coat)

(September / October 2017)

Right now I am writing this usual gallery paragraph, and I am facing the fact to value my stay at my lovely Nusa Penida. Time spent there was awesome in one hand - was great to see old friends, have all those chats and see, that nothing rally changed when it comes to friendships. But in the other hand - this paradise, being hardly visited by tourists before, changed a lot... and I am not sure if this change is to better. Dirt roads are mostly fixed, well, not all of them, instead of two dive centres there are 7, and instead of 7 accommodation possibilities there are almost 70. Money talk. And changing people. Only Mike's gallery seems like a place where time stopped (in a good meaning).

I was not planning staying at Penida that long, but I just simply can not have left this place! Part of heart is there forever, but I don't know if I want to return, for sake of my nice pure memories. I had a nice office, even when the huge lizards were passing by... And the volcano, Agung, which I just had a view at, was about to explode (well, and still is). Another paradise I stayed at was My friendˇs Jacquie accommodation, Jati Bungalows.

Was truly awesome to see my friends businesses prospering and growing, other businesses being stuck in the same bad conditions. But the best was to see my ex-boat crew, expats friends same as some lovely locals.. and, not in the last, amazing Dahab reunion happened, as Natalie (my 4 years lost friend from Dahab) came to see me in there.

I visited the new/old places, drove scooter as crazy - did some totally crazy climbing Cave Woman Style (flip flops and no water), some trips around the island. And last day, I even dived with mantas (and got engaged in the water - Yes, Natalie found the right ring finally, and I said temporary yes:D).

Never enough time for this place, which still keeps some of its magic. I wish I will be back one day, but honestly, no plans for that.