If you want to start with underwater photography, you might think that the most important is to get a good camera. Well, good camera can just bring you more joy from your passion, but it is actually the last thing you should bring.


Let's rather start with the buoyancy. Good buoyancy, good behaviour, respect to the underwater world, effective fin kicks and many more habits are the real start! Without mastering your diving skills, you can forget about photography.


My workshop addressed to the beginners usually contain the first dive just for my observation. After the briefing we will go to the water. I won't take my camera with me, as I am going to watch only. If I am happy with diving skills, I might be doing some underwater modelling to see "your eye".


Each photographer should eventually develop his own style, but there is usually a long journey going there. But from first pictures I might already see and feel, where are we going to go next. 

Workshops for beginners are usually working with simple compact cameras or GoPro, without additional light. But workshop for a beginner could be also for those, who just got their first kit and they want to know it. In that case the workshop will be also adapted to the land, as another important aspect for good underwater photography is knowing your camera on land.


Everything will be discussed before, usually by e-mails, and before we meet each other, rough program of the workshop will be set up.  

Starts from
150 euro
per day

Example of shooting with the ambient light only, app. at 27 m depth. Diver came out as a silhouette only. Turtle, as closer, has some details on the shell, but colours are not here at all. Picture in such a depth would look totally different using proper strobes. 


Example of shooting with the ambient light only, app. at 14 m depth. Colours are not bright and vivid, but here is good idea about framing the fish. Photographer tried to capture a diver as well, but the composition is not perfect in here. 

Workshop for beginners

This picture was the first try of a student to work with strobes in very shallow water. He has got a good lighting on the fish, as seen on his belly. Problem is framing /diver had fins cut) and composition, because of fish is heading out of the frame. But the light is the target which was requested and colours are good a bright.

Example of shooting with the ambient light only, app. at 23 m depth, facing the sun. Diver and pinnacle, both came out as a silhouettes only. Proper silhouette would have the sun exactly in the center of a diver's body to get a proper flashes around.