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"You have to write a book and tell your stories," sounds like from the mouth of an American dude, but most likely it was what my friends kept telling me since ages. Finally I think it is a right time. All excuses and reasons why it is happening now, many years later, I have mentioned at my first blog post. It is a happy blog, about all I love - travelling, photography and diving (and food, behind all of that :D). And of course, life itself. Every day is bringing many inspiration and new stories, which look differently today, tomorrow, after few months and even years. I took all those years to digest some of them. And this digesting time is over. I can share not just some articles abut photography and diving, but finally also some private stories from my life, which were painful before, or I saw them sad or heartbreaking. Not anymore.  My blog is the newest part of my website. 

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