Bunaken - unexpectedly good diving

(December 2016)

Bunaken, the little island 40 minutes ride by speed boat from Manado, was meant as a relaxing point between the wearing diving on the liveaboard and macro paradise, Lembeh. My plan was only taking HOT showers, enjoying sun, relaxing on the beach, doing yoga and rest my mind and body. But it all changed completely.

The weather was not so friendly, and the resort I stayed, had no hot water. Even not a fresh water :D So after all  my expectation failed, there was only one option how to spend the time. Diving. I did not expect much. I honestly expect nothing. But how wrong I was!

Since first minute my dive guide was spotting very nice things for me - starting by the Ornate Ghost Pipefish, little soft corals crabs and much more. I loved it, so after two day dives I even agreed about night diving, which was also excellent and I think my pictures went to the next level this day.


Time at Bunaken island was very short, so I even didn't rent a scooter for my usual exploring ride around the new places. What surprised me was the church, standing close to the beach as the island monument, and many Christians getting ready for Christmas. 

Bunaken was a nice pre-Christmas surprise to me.