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Camino de Santiago

(April - June 2015)

I have a Spanish friend, who has walked a very strange "camino". I was always wandering why he did so. Till the day I really didn 't know what to do about my life and myself. I had lost my mum and my relationship at the same time and everything was incredibly hard. And one afternoon Camino de Santiago came to my mind... and in stayed. I couldn't get rid of it, after a few days I was "on the road".


This journey, or better word, pilgrimage, changed my life totally and hopefully for good. It took me a bit more than 40 days and 1278 km. I met great people, destroyed the wall I built around myself, I faced the physical pain... and finally I had to face the worst - myself. And accept it, all what I found. 

My camino was personal journey, the same as it is for most of the people who decide to walk to find yourselves. I started in France and crossed all of Spain. My friends were amazing support, same as my Spanish friend, who changed my path and made me leave my new friends. In Leon I changed my camino, I left the most popular Camino Francais, and walked Camino del Salvador and Camino Primitivo after. From Santiago de Compostella, the happiest town in the world in my opinion, I walked to Fisterra, which is called "the end of the world".

Slowly my life has changed and I changed. My camino showed me the real values. How to be happy. How to breath and enjoy every day in our beautiful world.


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