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Dahab is a little authentic Bedouin village by the Red Sea, with incredible scenery of colourful mountains behind. Now Dahab is a touristic destination, but still with very strong genius loci and unforgettable spirit.

Dahab in Arabic means “gold” and it says pretty much all. This little town you either love, or you find it very boring. Most of the people who discover Dahab's beauty, get stuck here for a life-time. Dahab is not a place you can leave easily!

If you get on well with the slow chilled out Dahabian lifestyle, you forget not just about time, but also days, months and even years. Turquoise water of the Red sea with all its beauty underneath and colours of the sandstone and granite mountains pretty much describe the life style, which is very attractive for divers, freedivers, surfers, artists and any free souls. Sun, slow life in a reggea rhythm, warm days most days of a year, lazy streets with chilled out dogs and people... If you like the sound of that, you should pay a visit. 


Dahab beauty also comes from its authenticity, calmness, hot weather, cultural diversity, chaos and laziness. All those antonyms make every day here special.

Days are rolling slowly here and if you want to stay, you have to find your place. Dahab lets you discover yourself, talk to yourself and get to know yourself better. You find here great friends, but when you start listening the rumours and you stop walking the streets (actually the one street only) with a smile on your face, then the time to travel comes again.

But you will always return, as Dahab has already taken a piece of your heart.

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