Florida - Miami, baby :)

(March 2017)

Trip to Florida was originally meant as a four days business trip to pick up my broken or damaged photo and dive gear. I also wanted to meet a friend I haven't seen more than 15 years. And make few trips around. And maybe see a Miami beach.

It's all changed quickly and from short trip became nine days holiday. The reason was a parcel with my new zoom lens, which did not arrive on time. t was a reason for re-booked my flight, changed my car rental and spend five more days in Miami. And also try the Air b'n 'b for the first time :)

Florida is a country of many differences. Miami, Fort Lauderdale and all those places famous from the tv series are just too much. Clean, Luxury. American. Too American. But also nice in some point. Most of the time I did not feel comfortable with it, but I also appreciate its cleanliness and behaviour of people, known to me also just from the movies. People are, somehow, much more relaxed. They really smile. And they really do small talk all the time :D

What was beautiful, was a nature, and the environmental conception of building luxury districts in natural parks. It's beauty really gets you. You walk in private residential districts and feeling like in the park or forrest. Behind each corner is a channel with the most luxury yachts you can imagine (maybe Steven Spielberg's?), and everything is super clean. And people wear white. So much white cloth.

Everglades, Flamingo gardens and Smith Parks were places to go for me, when I needed a break from shopping and crowded beaches. Og course, I came at the time of school spring holiday!  But it was still Miami, baby! :D