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(April 2015)

France was not a realy trip for me, but mostly part of the way how to get to the starting point of my camino. I started hitch-hiking in Prague and my final destination was Saint Jean Pied de Port in French Pyrenee, where Camino Francais starts.


But when I look back now, I see that France and more importantly the people that I met there, were a very important part of the journey. Miracles started happening from the beginning. Strangers - people I stopped in cars, were opening their houses and their hospitality and offered friendship - this was something I had never experienced before. I always ended up with not just a place for more than a night, but also amazing cheeses, wine, and a small gift, as a ring to protect me. My sadness was probably talking more than I was saying, and people just didn't want to accept the wall I had built around my hurt soul. And it was the beginning of more than two months camino, when people don 't let you down, share their destiny with you, and don't expect anything from you.  


With that luck I had a chance to discover beautiful French cities as Avignon, Lyon, but mostly the southern part of France, close to the boarders with Spain. There, Juliette, a beautiful lady who stopped her car and took us into her house, became inspiration and new motto of my camino. One day I will go back and thank her for all the  beauty that she shared with me.

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