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2016 was a very special year for me. Not only because I started  working as a photographer, but also my portfolio increased into freediving and photographing freedivers.

Dahab is ideal place for freediving because of the sea conditions and depth. The Blue hole is a famous dive spot, where you find freedivers not just training, but also competing.


Taking pictures of freedivers is very challenging, I am always very excited about the shoot. I respect this sport and lifestyle, and I value this even more than breathing bubbles :D.

This gallery presents some samples of freediving photos, which could be taken privately, or during a competition. (Please find prices on my Price list Page)

Here is also some pictures from the RedCCup International competition, in which I was asked to be the official photographer for the whole event.

I shoot not only in competition, but training, courses and special private sessions, to help freedivers create their portfolio photos for sponsors and publicity.

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