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Excursions and trips

Trips to desert are one of the best excursions you can experiences in Sinai, especially if you are photographer or you just want to learn how to use your camera on all different surroundings. The best guides for desert trips are of course, Bedouins, who can arrange either one full day trip, or over night trips to desert.


In Sinai there is an unlimited number of wadis, so you can explore something new any time you come to visit. All you need is a guide, enough water, a proper 4 x 4 terrain truck and your camera. Bedouins will care of everything else. You have to also pick your timing wisely, because in the summer the temperature could reach more than 50 degrees.


The best time for desert trip starts is October and last till April. 


The most famous trips head usually to Coloured Canyons, White Canyon, Red Canyon, Narrow Canyon, Doubled Canyon. But if you want to see something special, for example noemies (there is no correct spelling for those over 8,000 year old buildings, they said), climb to the Mount Sinai and see wadies where no one goes, the best trips are to spend a night in the desert. Sky and light from the stars, shooting stars and the Milky Way are never boring companions for you adventure. 

Price of the each trip depends on number of people, travel plans and a length of the trip.



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