Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

(March 2015 and other "visa runs")

Kulala Lumpur is a very welcome visa run, you have to make it if you live in Asia and you need your visa renewal.

Malaysia is very developed compared to the places I used to live in that time. You feel like you are back in Europe with all variety of food, shopping opportunities and services. But of course, it is still Asia and a multicultural place, where all religions, cultures and habits are mixed with many tourists, who come to Kuala Lumpur to see its famous modern downtown or huge gold Buddha statue. 

My stay in Kuala Lumpur was pleasurable, as I have other Czech friends living there, so I have got a place, guide and all services I just might dream of in one place.

The Modern city with it's famous "twin tower" is a must to see, and you shoudl actually visit in the day time, same as don't miss the night light show. Kuala Lumpur has a new look by night, and symphony of colors and music played in touristic places is really breathtaking. You should also take a walk to all city districts - Indian, Chinese, Muslim, with all their cultural habits, which are a great contrast to a modern city center. People here don't care where they live, and it looks like all traditions are still kept in the middle of the modern Malaysian metropole.


If you succeed and get your visa, this trip is just perfect!