(June - September 2015)

When I finished my camino, it wasn't that easy to leave such a beautiful country! After living years in third world countries, being in Europe for a while seemed to be as a balsam! First I traveled a bit of Spain and seeing friends, and after I decided to see my another friends, Richard, famous photographer living seasonally in Mallorca, and Ana, who is married there, as well. 


My plan was to stay for a short "couple of weeks" only, but after one week I got a job offer and started working as an underwater photographer in one of dive centres.


This job gave me not just great experience how to sell my work, but it enabled me to discover this amazing island. I always thought that Mallorca is a place for German tourists grilling themselves on the white sand beaches. But I was so very wrong.


My base was in north of Mallorca, in small provincial town, Porto Cristo. From here I had a great chance to discover whole island. And I stayed three months, till summer season was finished. 


I simply loved that place, and I am sure that it was not my last visit!