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Marsa Alam

(every year few times when I feel Dahab is too small :D)

Marsa Alam is a place I love to go to rest from Dahab. A Holiday from my own holiday. A friend of mine owns a dive center in Marsa Alam, called 3WILL, so staying there is a big pleasure. Diving and life is really different from Dahab.

A Marsa Alam stay is usually only a diving holiday, with lots of underwater pictures. The life below the surface here is more rich, and sharks are very normal to see. If you are lucky, you see longimanus or hammerheads and I am very lucky :D.


Life at Marsa Alam is slow. There is not really a down-town, so everything is happening in a dive center, where people live like a big family.


Recently activities have increased with trips to the Bedouin village. with  star gazing. For me, as a Sinai resident, Bedouins aren't anything new. But anyway, if you decide to spend your evening here, you can try  horse riding, camel riding, you can taste amazingly sweet but energizing bedouin tea, food and proper bread, made in front of your eyes.  

After a dinner you have a chance watching "free TV" - amazing sky with millons of stars, galaxies and the Milky way. If Milos, my friend, is around, you will have the best lesson about the sky, you can just imagine.

I promise. Marsa Alam is another paradise in Egypt, with spectacular diving. 

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