Pirate sail across the Banda Sea

(September 2017)

That was a real true adventure! I was invited to the board of the pirate ship Calico Jack, which I have joined in December last year, as a photographer, to document very uncommon cruise on the Banda sea. The highlights of the trip were big schools of hammerhead sharks and snakes in Maluku.
Our 13 nights adventure started at Alor, and finished at Ambon. We faced everything - strong wind, big and angry sea, when waves were just beating our ship from everywhere! We were forced to change the schedule and skip some of the most attractive dive sites. But all our "family crew of pirates" was also very lucky to explore many new places, crystal clear water same as a muck diving with all its beauty.

Boat was full of happy, enthusiastic people, ready to dive always, don't matter the number of dives or sea conditions. On the Calico Jack developed some (hopefully) life-time friendships. We put so much on weight (the Cook is a real Master of his profession, able to cook when boat is swinging from side to side), drunk some rum and vodka, playing Uno with sometimes interesting wishes coming truth and listen to original Russian pirate cartoon songs, singing all the time by the youngest crew member. 
After 10 days we passed more than 500 nautical miles, some of them were just really never-ending.
This unusual adventure became for most of us definitely one of the most interesting life trips. Almost thousand pictures was taken ... and same will be continued in 16 days, on my second visit of Raja Ampat. YoHoHo!