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Price list

Prices for my work always include meetings with you to discuss and explain each part of the shoot.

A private photoshoot is not only a "meet at the place you choose, ideally one hour after you call" type scenario. :D

It is about the preparation and mainly postproduction of your photos, which normally takes several hours. Shooting itself is only part of the job.

All appointments need to be set up at least one week in advance, so that the place, time and idea of photoshoot might be discussed.

Before you call, prepare a list with following information: 


1. Reason for your photoshoot


2. Theme, idea and purpose of your photoshoot

(for example fashion, commercial shots for web site, diving week, private free dive session for sponsors etc.)


3. Time ideas (For lighting- better morning, evening, or night session)


4.  How many themes you want to shoot (dry shots, wet shots, underwater with a scuba tank or rope etc.)


5. Arrangement (dresses, make ups, transfers, eventually accommodation)


6. Number of people

7. Currency of payment

The more information you are able provide, the session will be better and easier for both sides. Kindly note, that special costumes and make up and other accessories  need to be prepared in advance.

Please, also note that a deposit of up to 50% of the final price will be asked for in advance, if your photo session is unusual, or large, different financial arrangements can be made.

Prices also do no include the following: trips, drivers, accommodation, food or transfers.  



1 day / 2 dives

(discounts for families or big groups)


Diving week (boat or shore)


1 Private Session (buoy and free swimming, 1 place)


Joining Training Dives


Competitions, Championships

Underwater Fashion shooting

Special Projects

Snorkelling Trips (2 pax)

50 €


300 €



100 €  (80 € locals)


50 €


50 - 80 €

100 €  (80 € locals)

to discuss

50 per trip

★ deposit might be asked anytime in case of bigger arrangement needed



Per Hour




50 €

to discuss

to discuss


★ deposit might be asked anytime in case of bigger arrangement needed


Underwater world is a world of silence, beauty and infinity. Learn more about underwater photography and change your time under the surface to your private meditation.
Discover your own depth.
Play with light, rather than with darkenss.

Bring the colors to the top side.

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