Raja Ampat Pirate cruise II

(October 2017)

The second cruise trip on Calico Jack was a little less about pirates, but was probably the coolest one I have done with this ship. And I also missed diving, after 17 dry days on Indonesian land!

Most of the dive sites were familiar to me from last year, but all diving was very different. One of the reasons was also the fact, that we started our trip from the North this time, and Misool island was one of our last stops. It allowed us to do unusual dives in currents, caves and a bit more difficult dive spots. All reefs, especially in the south, were literally covered by small juvenile schools of fishes, and everything was pulsing around! Colours, school of fishes, and variability of life was just breathtaking. And of course, there were like "must do" spots, as famous jetty in Arborek, Blue Magic or Shadow reef. Diving was simply fabulous and currents were sometimes super strong. But we had a cruise director from Current Junkies, which gave us some "feeling of safety" (he is easily recognisable on pictures :D). 

Another "new thing to me": I didn't know anybody (except of the crew). But Jamie, one of the owner and very decent pirate from London, was the nicest surprise. We created our own retarded fun, which last for the whole trip (do I own any apology to the guests?). On the top we had also some anchor adventure, but it is a different story.

11 nights on the boat, mostly without any reception, was really chilling and relaxing. And I start counting days when I will be back on the pirate family boat again, next year. Insha'allah!