RedC Cup - freedive event, Dahab

(October 2017)

The RedCcup, International freedive competition became very famous and every edition is having more and more competing athletes from always higher number of the countries all over the world.


This edition meant for me to spend under the water five and half hours at once (so I better purchased good diving insurance :D).

Athletes were competing at three "depth days" and one day on static. Again, there were completed many national records in all possible disciplines, so we had many happy athletes coming back to the surface with a big smile. Also, again, as every edition, organisers managed to put together awesome team of safety divers. And again, there was a team of doctors on the surface, ready to deal with any cases of emergency. All depth days finished successfully, as expected.

Third days is usually static, where we don't have that many participants. But also here was few national records set up and some athletes surprised themselves :D.

After the last Blue Hole day everyone is waiting for traditional party, which is usually not just good food and very nice prices from many sponsors, but also incredible healthy food, and after many many drinks till late hours... or early morning hours.

Who said that freedivers don't drink?