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Starting the blog is like looking back in time

I am lucky, as my home town is Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I spent there still the biggest part of my life, but my home, when it comes to feelings, moved from the heart of Europe to the Middle East, to Egypt, to the most peaceful place I know, Dahab. Small Bedouin town surrounded by mountains got part of me, forever.

When I moved to Dahab, and it was almost nine years ago, it was suppose to be one year of holiday, maximum. Who would give up on comfortable life in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Prague, specially with perfectly paid job in my own company and all comforts coming along with it? My idea nine years ago was me sitting by the sea with my laptop and writing a book. Well. All ended up completely differently. Malesh. It was unexpected, but very welcome change.

Blond me, already with my small compact camera, in France, where from I was taking my plain to my new life in Dahab

I am not really a beach person, so immediately I moved in, I started thinking what to do... And somehow, step by step I started my diving career in the mode "from zero to hero". Of course, there was no time for sitting at the beach and writing. After one year in Dahab I became diving instructor. I changed my mind and start saying that I might stay another year. When another year finished, I bought a house... Or better: I was somehow forced to buy a house, but it is another story. Now a funny one, but before it was one of many of my personal tragedies :D.

After few years living without a roof and watching stars from my bed, where to sometimes fighting cats fell in the middle of the night and created almost heart attack, I made another decision: to build a proper roof. I've finally found a contractor who seemed to be less bad that the others, signed a contract... and moved out of Egypt few weeks later, as I got a job offer in Maldives!!!

So, what to do? I just left my contract, key from the house, house itself, all my money, bank account in Egyptian bank and all my rights to manipulate with my account with some Egyptian friends. Same as the perfect drawing of each part of my future house, included the electric plan, ceramic, taps, wall colors, lamps... And left for a year to the "paradise" (but it is also another story). I had almost no contact with my friends after, my Maldivian salary was sent to my Egyptian account, and I have never seen a part of it. I was living in the beautiful island, where I lost my freedom completely, had no touch with my friends and no idea what is going on with my house. If it is still mine, or I made some Bedouin family happily living there.

Me and Maldives. In the uniform and a name tag

One day, when I was totally panicking and wanting to leave and check out what the hell is going on, the email appeared on my mailbox. My friend Tarek, who got the key and the biggest part of responsibility, sent me email named "Your dream became true", with some pictures of my house. I couldn't have waited anymore. I had anyway many many problems in Maldives, so I left after six months only, and after some small travelling finally returned to lovely Dahab. My house was there! Exactly as I drew it not just on the paper, but also in my mind. That incredible dream became true, and I had not my roof only, but also my beautiful home. But I still had the old brain in my "getting older" head for many many years more. And:

1. I always wanted "my book"to be a happy book.

2. I never thinking to do it in English, or rather Czenglish.

3. And I always wanted to write it as an autobiography with names changed.

So it still wasn't the right time.

Almost 5 years later all is ending up differently. Accept of one thing: this blog, not book, is really going to be a happy blog, as I finally found my place after many things happened to me in last one and half year and I will be talking about here in the future. My "life-project" website is in English, so my blog will be in English as well. Take my language ability as a part of it, please :) I know, you wish your Czech is as good as my English, but anyway.

This is the first article, which is about to explain just a little part of all journey. In next articles I will be jumping from topic to topic, but my blog will be mainly about travelling, photography, diving and my personal journey, which finally ends in happy place. As my big friend Tim says: "I probably became fucking hippie." So there is going to be also lots of small or big stories from Dahab life, same as some bits from my yoga or freedive tries. Whatever will just cross my mind in next days and months, I will share it here as part of this colorful happy website.

I hope you can enjoy.


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