(April - June 2015)

Spain is the only country that I could say that "I walked through it." I can not say the same about the Czech republic or any other place that I have visited till now. The reason is Camino de Santiago, when I walked from the French Pyrenee to Fisterra, the end of the world. It was end of the world maybe, but sure it was not end of my Spanish trip!


After walking 1278 kilometres I needed some spoiling, and nobody is better to spend time with, than real freinds. My Spanish not-walking trip started in Madrid, where I visited my friend Cristian, Matador. From Madrid I continued to the south, where my friend from the primary school lives with her beautiful family. I was planning to stay one week, but it became almost one month! We had great time and I also stayed with my friend Marketa as place as a base for another trips to visit historical places of Spain, Sevilla, Cordoba, Granada with famous muslim Alhambra and many other places around Malaga, where I was based.


People, food, wine, friends, lots of trips, sea, weather. All of that were a reasons why I fell in love with Spain! And no chance to see all I wanted to see!


I know that almost all countries I have visited made me say "I will come back". But about Spain I am very serious about. Not just to walk another camino, but to explore.