Special workshops for
experienced photographers

Starts from
250 euro
per day

Special workshop targets to photographers who want to get better in one specific field of underwater photography​ and / or exchange the experience.

The main part of a special workshop is about to know exactly in what topic you want to get better. Either wide angle or / and macro or / and editing - and get the perfect picture. Most of the time we are going to work on the object. This workshop is not much about exploring a dive sites, but about working on your own style of photography and mainly about coming closer... and closer... and closer!   

Each photographer - on top site or under the water, should be recognisable by capturing the things one specific way and developing his own style. It could be about the colours, about the theme or way of shooting.

Special workshops are for advanced divers and photographers who also want to try some new or untraditional techniques or dives (depends on the place, of course). It could be fluorescent dive, deep water night dive, sunset feeding dive etc. 


There is only light boarder between Advanced UWP Workshop and Special Workshops. Special Workshops are mainly meant for photographers who don't need to learn editing and who know about maintenance and know their camera kit very well. Also here, the program must to be discussed in advance, as sometimes the boat needs to be booked or special equipment reserved.


This line shows how to work on one object, till you get the shot you are happy with. Usually it should be portrait with both eyes visible. Step by step you work on the distance, coming closer and closer... and closer! Working on angle of shooting and also, trying to be quiet, passionate, and not to scare or irritate the fish or surrounding.

Another way how to work on the final image. I wanted to get a fish in some action. First I worked on the focus and proper distance. After I tried to get a right angle. Unfortunately, I did not manage to get both eyes on the final pictures. Focus on  the mouth, not eyes, was in purpose, as I wanted to get better depth of field and fish on move.

This series is more a story than a working on subject line. Hunting and eating are subcategories of Fish behaviour and usually give higher credit to a photographer. I noticed a grouper caught a pufferfish and tried to capture it. I was coming closer and closer, changing the angle to get both eyes and also a mouth open. I watched the whole process of feeding and dying.

Another example, this time about how to work on the split shots (in the rough weather :D). Image in my head contents a diver bellow the surface with turquoise blue background and Dahab promenade above. I tried to catch the surface when flat, but also with a wave. This series shows an example on a wide angle shots.  

Work on lightening and a model position in depth. Obviously, I used the strobes and wanted to capture proper lighting not just inside the cavern, but also on a diver. I did not want the model looking at e, but at the coral, as corals and their colours are the main theme od this image.



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All images © 2013-2019 Kristina Vackova. Credit for header picture Brad Holland. Few signed photos at the galleries Rich Carey and Brad Holland.