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Traveling is not just a passion and hobby, it is my life style. Once you feel the freedom and you open your heart, your home is everywhere.


From what I remember, I have always travelled. However, in 2014, traveling became my life and my way of living. I spent my days taking photos in new and exotic locations and it quickly became my world.

It all started to become serious at 2014, when I won a photo competition; the prize was a holiday to Micronesia to dive for a week. I went there... and basically never came back.

I met my boyfriend in Yap; we traveled together for almost a year. After our relationship finished, I found that I did not want to change my lifestyle. I had discovered that my home is everywhere and nowhere. So I kept traveling; exploring the countries, meeting people and other travelers. So of course, I am always  diving and taking pictures.

This portfolio shows not only my recent travels, but also some older trips. Traveling is my biggest love.

When someone asks me: Where are you from? I have to always stop and think for a while; Well, I am Czech, but I live in Dahab, and ... and... and...

Next adventures coming soon

Coming soon

RedCcup - freedive event in Dahab

Raja Ampat Pirate Cruise II

Bali & Nusa Penida

Agung volcano, jjust about to erupt
Caico Jack, the pirate ship

Lembeh Strait - macro paradise


Raja Ampat Liveaboard

Egypt Deep South Liveaboard

Marsa Alam

Micronesia - Yap






Camino de Santiago





Kuala Lumpur


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