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Starts from
150 euro
per day

Underwater photography is primarily a passion, but for some photographers it could be a job. Or future job.

From 2018 I started giving some private workshops to photographers, who wants to know more about underwater shooting. They could be divided into few categories:

- beginners with no experience in Underwater Photography

- divers shooting with GoPro without any accessories

- divers with "stylish" GoPro with filters, fish eye lenses,
   macro lenses and all kind of lights or simple strobes 


- photographers who just got a new gear and need to know
   how to use it (included the help how to chose the best 
   camera and gear)


- experienced underwater photographers who need to  
   learn more about underwater photography and some
   specific kind of shooting


- students of photography who are thinking to build up       
   their diving and
photography career together 

Minimal level of experience is Advanced Open Water Diver with 50 dives. I don't teach buoyancy, trim or special fin kicks :) I expect that my clients are experienced divers. IN case that someone needs real beginning, then first few days will be just about diving, without camera. Proper underwater behaviour is alpha and omega of good underwater images and good underwater photographer. 

How does it work?

When I get some photographer who wants to come for a workshop, I try to set up for him individual special program for all his stay. I ask many questions to meet his expectations and we work together on some ideas what to learn and how.
Depends on the length of stay, we always start with some theory (maintenance, camera choice, camera preparation etc.) and some education how to behave in the water (buoyancy, trim, fin kick etc.). We try to set up some photographer habits when it comes to proper care of the gear.

Usually, the workshop is orientated either on wide angle photography, macro photography, or both. When needed, I give some lessons about photography in general - composition, ambient versus strobe lighting, underwater modelling, how to chose the right object, how to shoot fish portrait, how to work on the object step by step etc.


Each private workshop is built separately and every theme is discussed with the client to meet his expectation the best and work on his individual needs.


1. Beginners without any experience


Workshop starts with some education how to act in the water, how to keep good buoyancy, how to treat environment and how to be ready start using a camera. First results are usually not the best, but slowly we can work on right angle, right distance from the object and right composition of underwater images. 

2. Beginners with own camera or divers who just got their first UWP kit


Workshop starts with a knowledge to get to know your camera. How to set it up for underwater. The basic rules of UWP. Information about composition, lighting, strobes positioning, how to pick up the right object and how close to come to it. 

3. Underwater Photographers with compact camera or GoPro without strobes


Workshop is based on how to shoot to get the best results using the ambient light only. What is the proper position of sun and photographer. How to compose the image. And how to use the action cameras to get the best result or why is important to move to better gear in the future.

4. Underwater Photographers with proper kit, included strobes


Workshop is meant to be for photographers already. For those who know how to use the kit and how to build their own style. How to edit photos and build the own portfolio.

5. Experienced Underwater Photographers who just want to get better and gain more experience in wide angle and macro photography


Special workshops built directly on the request how to improve the wide angle and macro photography. How to shoot special shoots - silhouettes, split shots. How to properly work on one object to get the best results.

Basic editing is part of each workshop. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is required and we will starts from basic editing and learn some tips for better picture. How to set up proper white balance, how to edit macro shots and how to work on photo without losing attributes of photography. The image still should look like a photograph, not like a painting. Important is not to overdue your shot. Less is sometimes more than too much.


If you are interested in any workshop, please, contact me directly on

Private UWP workshops

Prices start on 150 euro per day.

Price for diving is not included.

Every student / client need to have his own photography gear, dive gear can be rented for additional price from a dive centre. 

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