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Weddings & Events

Photography is an excellent way to capture the entirety of an event experience, offering a stunning look at the general atmosphere, as well as individual emotions of the day.

Event photography means taking pictures of any event - such as employees and guests in corporate events, conferences, Birthday parties, Christmas parties, receptions or even sales events.

A special kind of event is a Wedding or Engagement party. It is only once in a lifetime, so you want ensure that your day is captured in perfect pictures, as you will want to return to those moment for the rest of your lives.

Weddings are different and very special, I can photograph those special moments in any kind of environment whether it be on land or underwater.


Ideally, you’ll want to bring in a professional photographer (or a professional-in-training) to take pictures of your event. Consider working with photographers that have an eye for capturing the energy of an event — someone who may have even worked at events before.


Organisers should think of the photographer as part of the stage crew, and help them plan ahead. 

Corporate portrait photography means taking formal pictures of employees for websites, magazines and other various publications.

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